Whilst the concert is considered a low risk event, your wellbeing and safety is paramount to us. We would like to make our visitors aware that the following security measures which will be in place for your safety and the safety of our other visitors:

  • Door supervisors will carry out random and targeted bag searches and customer checks, including searches using pat-downs and metal detection wands.
  • Please consider pre-preparing your picnic as far as possible in order to limit the amount of equipment you need to bring with you on the day. Knives permitted on site will be limited to domestic knives with a blade 5 inches or under, and folding knifes with a 3 inch blade or under.
  • Whilst we are keen to maximise visitor safety, we will endeavour to ensure that these measures do not impact on your enjoyment of the day or detract from the concert atmosphere! Your assistance and co-operation are greatly appreciated.